About NiiCaP: Who We Are

About NiiCaP: Who We Are

What is NiiJii Capital Partners?

NiiJii Capital Partners, Inc. (NiiCaP) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, chartered by the State of Wisconsin.

We are a cash-flow lender, assisting entrepreneurs in the economically depressed geographical area and target market of the Lac du Flambeau, Sokaogon Chippewa (Mole Lake), and the Menominee Reservations of Wisconsin.

We offer start-up or expansion funds and the technical assistance required to nurture and develop viable business opportunities.

NiiCaP's Goals

  • Facilitate economic growth in the Target Markets
  • Help cultivate jobs and sustainable Reservation economies
  • Provide training and technical assistance, products and services to under-served entrepreneurs and small business owners in the Target Markets
  • Provide financial and practical resources to launching or expanding business ventures
  • Support best practices for sustaining healthy businesses
  • Stimulate entrepreneurship
  • Facilitate small business growth and assist in incubating new businesses
  • Expand the private business base and diversify the job base on the reservations
  • Promote individual wealth accumulation
  • Facilitate client wealth accumulation

NiiCaP's Clients are Entrepreneurs

  • With ideas for business or a business start-up
  • With existing businesses or seeking expansion
  • With training needs
  • With technical assistance needs
  • Who may be able to provide the opportunity for jobs within the Target Markets
  • Who may need for equipment and a physical plant or location from which to run their business
  • Who will manufacture products or provide services on or delivered to the Target Markets
  • Who value the assistance NiiCaP provides in training and certifications, and in the navigation of internal budgeting or government support
  • Who are fiscally responsible
  • Who are non-profit organizations requiring capital to provide needed community services in within the Target Markets